School Development & Improvement Plan

Since our Ofsted inspection in 2014 we have been working hard to address the issues identified. Our current School Development Plan for 2017-2018 has 4 Key Priorities- these are: 
  •        Closing the gap

To continue to diminish the difference in attainment for our disadvantaged pupils and ensure that those in receipt of pupil premium funding make at least expected progress and an increased % make better than expected progress (based on 2017 data)


  •        Increasing the % of pupils working at ‘greater depth’

To identify pupils who are capable of working at greater depth and ensure that teaching and learning opportunities promote better outcomes (the % of pupils working at greater depth at the end of each Key Stage at least match the Cornwall average)


  •        Pupils as learners

To ensure that all pupils understand the attributes of being a successful learner through greater clarity of the Building Learning Power they are using and success criteria.


  •        Development of the Local Governing Body (LGB)

To ensure that the LGB has a thorough understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the school and can articulate the actions being taken.




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