Perranporth Autumn Term

Perranporth Class
Welcome to Perranporth class. Hope that you have all had a wonderful summer holiday and feel ready for the beginning of a new school year. It is nice to welcome a new group of children to the class. For those of you that were in the class last year it is an exciting new beginning for you all as well. We look forward to sharing new learning opportunities with you all, watching new friendships develop and creating wonderful memories together.

Autumn Term 1

To begin the school year we will be travelling back in time to prehistoric times and discovering what life was like in the Iron Age. We will be comparing this to life in the Stone Age and Bronze Age. In October we hope to go on an exciting trip to a hill fort ruin. We want to see what archaeologists have discovered and use this information to help us picture what the hill fort would have looked like all of those years ago. 

In Literacy we will be reading the story 'Wolf Brother'. This story links perfectly with our History topic and will help us to really imagine what life was like for people.

Events to look forward to:
Thursday 15th September at 2pm
Donate old toys, teddies, books, DVD's and games to help us raise money for the wonderful Little Harbour - Children's Hospice. 
Perranporth class will be joining in a whole school celebration of the art work that they have done so far this year in a magnificent Art Exhibition. 
The exhibition will be open all week but there is a private viewing for all parents and friends of Delaware Primary Academy on Tuesday 8th November 4-6pm at the Tamar Valley Centre, Drakewalls. 
Our Wonderful day at Escot...
We all had a fantastic time at Escot and the trip certainly helped to bring our History topic to life. The weather was excellent and the staff were so knowledgeable. We were able to taste foods, dress up, explore the traditional homes, sit around the camp fire whilst learning all about how coins were made, go hunting for animals and food in the wild and much, much more. 
Art Exhibition
What a wonderful display of artwork from all of the children at Delaware Primary Academy. 
8th November - Tamar Valley Centre
T. 01822 832550 E.