Spring 2018

Spring Term 2018
Happy New Year! 
It is set to be a busy term in Lusty Glaze and throughout the school.
This term the topic in Lusty Glaze will be Africa and Benin. The children will be studying Africa within their Geography lessons, learning about where the continent is situated in relation to the UK, the different types of climate and habitat within Africa and about some of the indigenous animals.  Within their History lessons, Lusty Glaze will be learning about the Benin civilisation from Nigeria from 900-1300AD.  
In literacy this term, the children will be looking at shape poems and creating their own based on an African animal and word clouds using nouns and adjectives relating to Africa. They will then be learning about discussion and argument. The children will hold a class debate about whether they think zoos should be banned. This will then form the topic for a discussion text where they will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of zoos compared to animals' natural habitats before adding their own opinions.
Click on the link below to access the Year 3/4 spelling words that we are working on this year.
Lusty Glaze will start the term by learning about money. They will be learning how to make different amounts of money with a variety of coins and notes, before comparing the prices of different items and working out how much change will be due following the purchase of different items.
In art this term, the children will be using a range of mediums to create African art and art related to Africa.
Who's Looking at You?
The children have used pastels in their artwork to create observational drawings of animals' eyes. They thought about light and dark and used the pastels to add this to create lifelike images of animals' eyes. They then thought about the patterns and colours of their animals.
In science this term the children will be learning about States of Matter.
They will be learning the properties of solids, liquids and gases and learning how to classify materials based on these properties. They will investigate the effect temperature has on the melting process and the stages of the water cycle both in this country and in the African rainforests.
Please click on the link below to access the homework for the term. 
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