Daymer Bay Autumn Term

Welcome to Daymer Bay!
In our class, we work hard as a team to learn together and enjoy our school experience through engaging topics and challenges.
Autumn Term 1
This term our class topic will revolve around: 'The Great War' (World War 1). The children will research and study how soldiers of our country lived, worked and died. They will delve into the trenches, discuss the politics and observe the changes in technology. We will link this theme to other areas of our learning such as Art - where the children will make silhouette pictures and propaganda posters. Our literacy focus will be led by the John MacCrae Poem 'Flanders Fields' and Michael Morpurgo's 'War Horse). Look out for pictures of our learning which will be posted soon!
We were lucky enough to take part in a 'Space Odyssey' workshop where we delved into the international space station and explored the beginnings of the universe. 
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