Building Learning Power (BLP)

In school we focus on an approach to learning to learn. It is called BUILDING LEARNING POWER

Guy Claxton, who created Building Learning Power, suggests that there are 4 key learning dispositions:

  •        Resilience
  •        Resourcefulness
  •        Reflectiveness
  •        Reciprocity

Within these there are many learning skills and we have decided to focus on the following six:

  •        Managing distractions
  •        Listening
  •        Collaborating
  •        Making links in our learning
  •        Persevering
  •        Being absorbed in our learning

The children will focus on these learning powers within in their lessons and then share how they have used them. In each classroom there is a display showing the learning powers. This links really well to our behaviour for learning policy.

Each week children are given BLP certificates in assembly and these are shared on our newsletter.

Ask your child which learning powers they’ve been using in school! 

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