ARC Summer Term

Welcome back to the Summer Term! We hope you had a lovely Easter and enjoyed the sunny weather.
We have lots of projects planned this term and hope to enjoy the sunshine and engage with lots of outdoor learning.
We are have been hatching frogspawn and already have some froglets. The children have been fascinated by the daily changes they are seeing..
Last term the ARC enjoyed a day at Dartmoor Wildlife Park. The children ( and staff!) had the opportunity to get very close to snakes and other wild life. A fun day out for all!
This term we are making really good use of our new school minibus. It is really important to us that the children in the ARC have the opportunity to practice their social skills in 'real' contexts. We will be having regular swimming and library sessions. We are also planning an exciting train this space!
We have really enjoyed observing the frog life cycle as it happens. Enjoy our photos of the life cycle process we were able to witness.
Attached is the medium term plan for the ARC for this half term. 
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