ARC Spring Term

Welcome back to another term of learning in the ARC
We would like to welcome Harvey to our group. Harvey is a Year 6 and  has moved to the area and has now started full time in the ARC. He is already fitting in brilliantly with our group of ARC children. We shall enjoy having as part of our group. 
We also welcome Mrs Gadd ( Thursday/ Friday) and Mrs Wheeler ( Monday/ Tuesday all day  and Wednesday morning). Mrs Johnson from the mainstream will also be spending a little more time in the ARC this term. 
We have been learning about our bodies in science. We made some funny skeletons.
We have also been learning about the fuel that our bodies need. We made healthy sandwiches and worked out which food groups our sandwiches contain.
Our PSHE learning is focusing on feelings this term. We have thought about how our behaviours can affect how other people feel and how other people can affect how we feel. 
This term we have been ensuring our garden is looking healthy. The potatoes, garlic, onion and beans are all growing ... some faster than others. Augustus has been making sure our bulbs we planted earlier are growing and just about to bloom. We have started planting our seeds ready for outdoors in the spring. So far we have carrots, chilli peppers and assortment of flowers on the go.
Next we are taking a look at herbs. What they look, smell and feel like. We will be investigating how they are used both as flavourings and medicines as well as planting our own.
During the winter months we have been experimenting with tie dyes, making our own water paints and hope to do different prints using natural ingredients for example: beetroot, onion skins and flower petals.
Our animal care now includes four guinea pigs from Fistral and Harley Bays classes. The children enjoy making toys, ensuring their homes are clean, preparing their food and giving them hugs and exercise.
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