Spring Term 2017

Happy New Year and welcome back!!!
It is set to be another busy term both in school and in Lusty Glaze.
Below is a copy of the class newsletter and homework for this term, where you can find more information on what we will be doing.
Remember to check in with what we've been doing both here and on SeeSaw!
Miss Owen
Christmas may be a distant memory however we had to share our film version of Michael Morpurgo book 'Coming Home'.  You may have seen the advert on television before Christmas and we learned the story as part of our Literacy unit Performance Poetry.
Everyone in the class took part, including a couple of children from the ARC.

We have been creating our own Roman mosaics in art.  One of the hardest parts was making sure the image being made came out clearly.  Look out for our creations on display in the classroom.
For the past few weeks we have been working on our methods of addition and subtraction, with a focus on using money.  We continue to practice and refine our problem solving skills.
We've been looking at the use of language in poetry and how this can be played with to create interesting riddles and poems.
In numeracy we've been learned about fractions, finding equivalence and using arrays to show fractions.
In art we have created some very dramatic Pompeii volcano art.  Not only do they look fab, but they were great fun to make.
Not sure what "maths these days" should look like?
In the attachment below are the methods that are used across years 3 and 4.
Ideally children should be able to use the standard column method in addition and subtraction by the end of year 4, however methods of multiplication and division look a little different at lower Key Stage 2 so it is worth looking at.
As part of our new topic, the Romans, we have been exploring the story or Perseus and Medusa.  Part of understanding and learning the text was to act out the story in a variety of ways, including:
  • Freeze-frames
  • Conversations with characters
  • Character agony aunts
  • The whispering wood
They were fun ways of connecting with the story and bringing it to life which will help in the future lessons when we will create our own Roman myths.
Our new numeracy topic is Solving Number Problems, with a focus on multiplication and division.
Knowing the times tables is really important.  Check out the songs on Mathletics for a way of learning them.
We've also been learning about the relationship between multiplication and division and how to show them.
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